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About us

Little Peach is a New Zealand owned and operated family company

based in Christchurch. Dedicated to sourcing unique eyewear

and bringing it to market.

David and Jon Bearpark are partners in Little Peach which is focused on the

marketing of modern, quality eyewear that is not available from the mass market

corporatized optical outlets.

"Our brands are targeting practices and consumers
who are looking for value for

money and style.  We don’t do cheap, we don’t do conservative, we don’t do boring 

and we don’t do frames that just hold lenses, we do image pieces said JonEyewear,

can make us feel good and say something about who we are and how we want to be

perceived. So it’s vital that consumers take their time and choose wisely.

This is why it is important that our customers choose wisely with what they want to

offer their clientele."

Little Peach source some of the most respected brands from some of the most

respected companies in the world. Using only the finest quality optical materials available, the frames are all original and made to the highest quality specifications. The result is the end-user wears frame that is comfortable and stylish and exceptionally good value for money.

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